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 10 Warning Signs That Your Kid May Be a Hacker

 101 Reasons Why You Can't Find Your System Administrator

 101 Uses for free AOL disks

 30 Signs That Technology Has Taken Over Your Life

 34 things I learned from video games

 50 Ways to Confuse, Worry, or Scare People in the Computer Lab

 A Christmas Nightmare

 A Field Service Engineer's Memoirs

 A Girl's Guide to Geek Guys

 A Linux Advertisement

 A Week in the Life of the Notes Support Person from Hell

 Alice in DIGITALand

 Alice in UNIX Land

 Assembler Opcodes that should exist

 Bastard Operator from Hell

 Bill Gates goes to HELL

 Care and Feeding of Your Hacker

 Code of the Geeks v3.1

 Computer Gospel

 Computer Language

 Computer Problem Report Form

 Computers As Depicted in Movies

 Creators Admit UNIX, C Hoax

 CS Students and Guns

 Data becomes a hacker...

 DEC Wars

 Dictionary of Computer Terms

 Difference Between Computer Science and Engineering

 Dr. Seuss on Computer Networking

 Easter eggs in Common Software Packages

 Follow all of these instructions carefully for error-free floppies!!

 Fun with the UNIX Shell


 Glossary of Computer Terms

 Glossary of Computer Terms

 Hacker Barbie

 HAL 9000 vs. IBM

 If AOL were a city...

 If OS's Were Beers

 Installing Software - 12 Easy Steps

 Know your Unix System Administrator -- A Field Guide

 Life and Times of the Modem Geek

 Lunch, the HP Way

 Microsoft Announces Windows TP

 Microsoft Buys 1995

 Microsoft CRAP

 Microsoft Tests Nuclear Device at Secret Hanford Facility

 MS Windows and the Borg


 Nine Types Of Users

 Nuclear powerd PC

 Number of The Beast

 Operating Systems that Suck

 PETI ("petty") People for the Ethical Treatment of Instructions

 Politically Correct UNIX(tm)

 Programming Language Selection Made Easy

 Programming Languages are Like Women



 Software Development Process

 Some software humor

 Source Code for Human DNA

 Star Wars ASCII Art

 Techical Support staff should feel at home.

 The IBM Nutcracker

 The Infobahn

 The Last Holdout (from Windows 95)

 The Microsoft Joe-Bob(tm)

 The Night Before Crisis

 The Ten Commandments of DOS

 The Top-n ways things would be different if Microsoft built cars.

 Things would be different if Microsoft was headquartered in Alabama...

 Things you do NOT want your System Administrator to say.

 Top 22 Politically Correct Ways to Say that Someone is Stupid

 Top Ten Signs That Linux Has Bill Gates Worried

 Top Ten Signs You Bought the Wrong Computer

 Top Ten Signs You Picked the Wrong Internet Service Provider

 True History Of The Net

 Twelve Commandments of Flaming

 Undocumented Error Codes in Windows 95

 Uzi vs. The Computer

 Vaxen Just Dont Belong in Some Places

 What the "95" in Windows 95 realy stands for

 Windows 95 will have the coolest users ever!

 Windows 98 Source Code

 Windows is a Weapon

 Windows95 Source Code

 You Know You're too Serious About Computers...

 You know you've been Online too Long if

 You Might be a Geek if...

 Your Customer Could be a Space Alien