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 100 reasons to be a guy

 101 Ways to be Annoying

 15 Ways to Confuse Your Roomate.

 1994's Most Bizarre Suicide

 50 Fun Things for Professors to do on the First Day of Class

 50 Fun things to do in a final that does not matter.

 64 Ways to Piss Off a Cop

 A day in the life of a grad-student...

 A tribute to Bubba

 Absurd Warning Labels

 Abuse by way of the british navy

 Actual Science Test Answers from 5th and 6th Graders

 Amusing Newspaper Headlines

 Bart Simpson's Punishment

 Best of the Worst Country-Western Song Titles

 Blonde Jokes

 Bumper Stickers

 Buttering the Cat

 Chinese Dictionary

 Darwin Candidates

 Day of the Barney

 Deep Thoughts by children age 4 to 15.

 East Campus Nerd Test

 Engineers Song

 Exam From HELL

 Exam Paper Blunders

 Fencing Sheep

 Foreign Translations

 Funny Letters to Dear Abby...

 Greeting Cards Unsuccessfully Marketed by Hallmark

 Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

 Hurricane Survival Quiz

 If Dr. Seuss wrote for Star Trek: the Next Generation...

 If Men rewrote the rules

 Interesting Facts

 Is There a Santa Claus?

 Law Enforcement


 Life in Hell

 Life Will Not Be Like Star Trek

 McDonnell Douglas Aero-Space Warranty Registration Card

 Murphy's Laws of Combat Operations

 New Priest

 One Line Signatures from the Internet

 Physics Product Warnings

 Really Stupid People

 Reasons to Keep an Open Mind

 Redneck Etiquette

 Signs of life

 Signs That You've Had Too Much Of The 90's

 Stages of Life...

 Star Trek with Dilbert Management

 State Mottos

 Stupid Drunk Driver

 Stupid Slogans Waiting to be Copyrighted

 The 1996 Darwin Awards

 The 1997 Darwin Awards

 The Accident

 The Devil's Dictionary

 The number of the beast

 The Simpsons - list of blackboard openings

 The Things Doctors Say

 The Top 15 Little-Known Effects of El Nino

 The Top 16 Signs It's Time to Abandon Your Space Station, by A.N.

 The Universe According To Dilbert

 The World According to Steven Wright

 The World's Shortest Books

 Things to do on an elevator

 Things to make you Feel Smarter!!!

 Things you'll never hear a redneck say

 Top 15 New Names for the Mir Space Station

 Top 15 Problems Encountered Along the Olympic Torch Route

 Top 20 "ValuJet" advertising slogans

 Top 20 Cool Things About a Car that Goes Faster than the Speed of Light

 Top 20 Engineers' Terminologies

 Top Ten NASA Changes for 76 yr. old John Glenn's Return to Space

 Top Ten Signs You Have a Bad Airline Pilot

 Top Ten ways to get thrown out of chemistry lab

 What Your Car Really Says About You

 Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?

 Why its better to be male.

 Woman - A Chemical Analysis

 World Ideologies Explained

 You Know You're Drinking Too Much Coffee When...

 You Might be a Child of the 80'S if...

 You might be a redneck Jedi if...

 You might be a Wisconsinite if .....