PETI ("petty") People for the Ethical Treatment of Instructions

Erkki Tapola 29-Jul-96

Every second billions of innocent assembler instructions are executed
all over the world. Inhumanly they are put on a pipeline and executed
with no regard to their feelings. The illegal instructions are spared,
although they should be executed instead of the legal ones.

Prior to the execution the instructions are transported to a cache
unit using a bus. There they spent their last moments waiting for the
execution. Just before the execution the instruction is separated into
several pieces. The execution isn't always fast and painless. On crude
hardware the execution of a complex instruction can take as long as
150 clock cycles. Scientists are working on shorter execution times.

Microsoft endorses the needless execution of instructions with their
products like DOS(TM), Windows(TM), Word(TM) and Excel(TM). It is more
humane to use software which minimises the executions.

Modern machines use several units to execute multiple instructions
simultaneously. This way it is possible to execute several hundred
million instructions per second. The time is near when there will be
no more instructions to execute.

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 This article was written on recycled paper by hand.