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(APRIL 1, 1999)
Today Microsoft Corporation announces its new service, an extension to
Microsoft Network (MSN) named Microsoft Network Necropolis, or MSNN.
The new service, which is a combination of standard hardware, software,
and networking, will provide Virtual Perpetual Care, as an alternative
to standard cemeteries, mausoleums, and funeral homes.  MSNN's
greatest strength will be the reduced real estate requirements, but
its multimedia capabilities and environmental friendliness
should also appeal to many families.

MSNN/VPC will provide for cremation of the remains and reprocessing
of ashes into CD-ROM discs and Jewel Cases.  In the pre-need phase,
the to-be-deceased person records up to 100 megabytes of information
about his or her life and family, using MSNN's VCML (Virtual Cemetery
Markup Language).  The pre-need information is archived by MSNN until
the time of need.  Upon the client's demise, the family can include
additional VCML and multimedia clips, with hypermedia links to
the client's VCML.  Some families will also want to attach alternate
interpretations of the decedent's VCML.

The reprocessing of remains into CD-ROMs means that everyone who
upgrades to Windows 00 will receive a small amount of the ashes
of several MSNN/VPC subscribers.  Also included on every CD-ROM will
be a reserved area of compressed MSNN/VPC data, containing a section
of the Virtual Perpetual Care distributed cemetery data base.  When
these CD-ROMs are on-line, families can stroll through
the virtual cemetery, visiting the virtual final resting places of
their loved ones, seeing them on video clips and hearing their voices.
Hypermedia links will take the families to their loved ones'
favorite places (a parental discretion feature is available for a
nominal fee).

Microsoft said that the MSNN/VPC extensions would require upgrades
to MS Access, MS Windows 00, MS Visual Basic 99.0, MS Project,
MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Office, MS Visual C++ 999.0, MS Word,
OS/2 Warp 3000, and Mr. Coffee.  All upgrades are available immediately,
except for OS/2 Warp 3000 and Mr. Coffee, which will stop working
forever.  Microsoft stated that it could not be responsible for
weaknesses in other vendors' products.

In a related Statement of Direction, Microsoft announced that it
has obtained an exclusive license for the Transporter Beam
technology used in Star Trek.  MS believes that the T-B technology
will allow remote areas of the world (nay, the Universe) to connect
directly to MSNN, eliminating the need for slow, costly transportation
of remains to Redmond.

                   - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -