10 Warning Signs That Your Kid May Be a Hacker

1.	Your phone bill lists 1,987 household lines.
2.	Your kid tells you that his private interview with the Secret Service
	agent was for a social studies class essay.
3.	You receive mail addressed to Phil E. Phreak.
4.	The kid cheers Lex Luthor whenever a Superman movie runs on TV.
5.	The CEO of a regional Bell operating company appears on your doorstep,
	sobbing	uncontrollably and begging forgiveness.
6.	You find a copy of Phrack magazine hidden under the underwear in your
	son's bedroom dresser. (The Playboy magazine is next to the handheld
	scanner, of course.)
7.	The kid asks for a UNIX Server for his birthday.
8.	The little silver-colored wheel on your electric meter spins so fast
	it flies off, slices your neighbor's elm tree neatly in two and
	flattens a tire on a Chevy Monte Carlo three blocks away.s
9.	Your son's English teacher calls, sounding really curious, to ask why
	the kid selected the Oklahoma City phone directory for his monthly
	book report.
10.	He names Robert Morris Jr. as his "Most Admired American."