Top 15 New Names for the Mir Space Station

15> The AMC Spacer  

14> Uncle Boris's Last Chance Galactic Truck Stop & Fireworks Stand

13> I-Can't-Believe-It's-A-Space-Station  

12> Skylab for Dummies  

11> Emergency Vodka Storage Unit #6  

10> Absolut NightMir  

 9> The New, Improved People's Deathtrap 2000 ("Now with leaks!")

 8> Space Toast Coast-to-Coast  

 7> The S.S. Minnowsky  

 6> The Black Cat, Walking Under a Ladder, Broken Mirror, Spilled Salt,
	Friday the 13th Space Module  

 5> Kaputnik  

 4> Cattlecar Galactica  

 3> Spacey Spice  

 2> The Amazing Orbiting Barge O' Death  

    and the Number 1 New Name for the Mir Space Station...  

 1> Deepshit Nine