Cool Links

 Computer Related Links

 2600 Magazine


 Adobe Systems Inc.

 Advanced Micro Design (AMD)

 Electronic Arts



 Gentoo Linux

 HTML Help

 Hewlett Packard

 Hotline Tracker-Tracker




 Internet Society (ISOC)


 Netcraft Web Server Survey

  * OpenBSD *

  * OpenSSH *

  * News for Nerds/Stuff that Matters. *

 Sun Framebuffer FAQ

 Sun Microsystems

 Sun Partnumbers List

 The Linux Home Page

 The Linux Software Map (ancient)

 The Navas Modem FAQ

 The Perl Programming Language

 The TUCOW Software Collection

 The VI Lovers Home Page

 Windows Annoyances

 Links to Geeky Gizmos

  * Leatherman (makers of the supertool) *

 Palm Computting

 Think Geek

 Graphics Related Links

  * Digital Blasphemy *

 Drysden Research Photo Archive


 Space Telescope Science Institute

 Music Related Links

 The BNR Metal Pages

 The MOD Archive


 X Multi-Media System (xmms)

 Gun Links

 Armed Citizens

 Beretta USA

  * Gun Owners of America *

 Heckler and Koch USA

 Hogue Grips

  * Kimber America *

 National Rifle Association


 Right to Keep and Bear Arms

 Second Amandment Homepage

 The Founders of Freedom

 The Unofficial H&K Site

 The rec.guns Archive

 Women Against Gun Control

 * Sci-Fi Related Links *

 * Babylon 5 *

 * Buffy Guide *

 * The SciFi Channel *

 Scanner/Radio Links

 Central Florida Listeners Group

 General Frequencies

 Strong Signals

 Cool Local Links

 Coleman Research Corporation (where I used to work)

 FutureQuest, Inc. (where I work)

 Greater Orlando Linux User Group

 Harris Corporation (where I used to work)

 Informational Links

 Aviation Enthusiast Corner

 Domain Name Registries Around the World

 State Law Database

 The Periodic Table of Elements

 The Thomas Register

 Humorous Links


 Cool But Useless Links


 Soda Machines Around the World.

 The Soviet Archives